Music and Quality

I found this on a scrap of paper while cleaning up my studio.

So what makes a good recording? I ask myself this as I listen to Highway 61 Revisted at 6:00am. I can't sleep, so I turn on the stereo with the concept of quality on my mind.

Music is this sort of intangible force for me. It makes me feel something. Songs I like make me wish I could write great songs. I have an attachment to the music that I like and yet describing that is nearly impossible.

So why is this so hard, why does something, some bands, some records, songs, records, bands, that can move me so much leave me so speechless? I would like to think that I am an articulate fellow with some semblance of ability to explain myself, but when it comes down to it...

There is an arrow pointing as if it should be continued on another page, but the continuation is nowhere to be found. So there you are, an incomplete rambling...

talking to you soon,