Back in Black

I have arrived in Baltimore and nearly everything is unpacked. Now that I have started to settle in (and my internet connection has been restablished) look forward to more reviews, a site revision, and hopefully some new writers will be hitting us up with even more music reviews and perhaps some film reviews.

Also remember that we continue to review old stuff as well as new, its whatever our contributors have been doing, watching, listening too that gets covered, not just whatever is the new stuff on the rack.

One more thing, now that I moved, I will have to update some of the buttons and shirts designs we were working on, but they are nearing completion. We will certainly have 1-inch buttons in the next few months, and stickers after that, and hopefully not too much farther down the road killer, kick-ass t-shirts to help you spread the word!

ACDC's back in black still sells 400,000 copies every year. wtf

keep it together, and remember, listen to something good