Jazz vs. Metal

Last night I saw a show in the lower east side (LES to the natives) at Cake Shop, which was a nice little bakery/coffee shop, with a nice little venue in the basement. The band we were there to see is known as Capillary Action. The name sounds huge, doesn't it? And you're right. It is huge.

I hadn't seen nor heard of them before, and had only been told that it was in the realm of jazz. The band that was on stage when i got there was a little quintet playing some experimental jazz. Nice, I could chit chat during the set, but still enjoy.

So about 5 minutes before we go to hear Capillary Acion I'm told that they're not really jazz. but more of a Jazz/Metal infusion.

To begin to describe this band without the use of my hands is a hard task for me to accomplish... but here goes. Based out a Philly, these guys killed. The Drummer, Ricardo, stole the show with his insane hands, switching between grinding rythms. The Bass player looked semi trance like half the time, and the room was filled with the buzz fromtheir distortion pedals in between songs. Their timing was crisp, often times moving from complex melodies with a groove happening, to raging vocals, screaming fits, and vicious vicious licks. All of it completly controlled. Nothing felt faked, or phoney, all of it well rehearsed and every note necessary. A highlight was when the electric bass broke, so the upright was used for the remained of the set, and it was just beat upon.

Apparently they are just finishing up a little month tour of the midwest andeast coast. In which they had a stop at Kraftbra├╝ in Kalamazoo. I could see them being very much, for that type of crowd. They should be touring again in the fall on a little nation wide thing, so keep an eye out. it's good.