New York must be a pretty small city

There I was, just watching Conan, when on came Feist. Her record has been getting a lot of coverage lately, so it is no wonder that she is making the late-night circuit as well. Strangely I found some members of her backing choir strangely familar. How could I recognize random backup singers when I have never before seen a group perform live? Then suddenly the answer hit me! It was Grizzly Bear, the members from Grizzly bear were part of Feist's backup singers - crazy! Frankly, the only reason I recognized them was that they re-aired an old Carson Daly episode last week where Grizzly Bear was the musical guest, so their faces were still fresh in my mind. So even the music scene in NYC is small, its not just the Twin Cities where all the bands are horribly (and wonderfully) interbred.

the end