Anger from the Recycling Truck

( a special message from jeff)

I drive to the dump. I listen to the radio. I drive to the next dumpster. I listen to the radio. I drive back to base. I listen to the radio. I listen to the radio a lot picking up recycling in Seattle. Furthermore, I listen to KEXP, 90.3 FM in Seattle, a local public radio station with a growing international presence thanks to their website. It's a fine radio station, playing mostly indie rock with a smattering of other genres. There is one exception. I hate their morning DJ, John "John in the Morning" Richard with a vengeance that is bordering on obsession at this point. Why do I hate him?

1. He hypes (and repeatedly plays) bands I hate (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Black Angels, etc)
2. He thinks he's the shit. He's not.
4. Instead of going by his real name—he calls himself John in the Morning.
3. He books shows at Chop Suey and calls them "John in the Morning at Night." At these said shows, he books the aforementioned bands that I hate.
5. He, like me, is a whiny Midwestern white dude. The big difference: I don't have a fucking radio show. Instead, I perform hit and runs in my recycling truck.
6. He made $120,000 as a dj of a public radio station last year! See the article in the Seattle Weekly.
7. He has greasy long hair

In conclusion, I hate John Richards. While I don't want to intentionally kill anyone, if I was forced by Jesus to hit someone with my recycling truck, it would be him.