Young and New?

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Kate Nash
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Something simple, something poppy, something up-tempo. That is what Foundations gives you. Kate Nash is a young britain who rights easy to listen to, piano-based pop songs. This is a fairly new album so far, and Nash has been getting pretty good publicity. I saw her video for the title track of the album, Foundations not too long ago and was intrigued. The lyrics are clever, though the theme is a common inattentive-boyfriend narrative. Perhaps it is the british slang and witicisms, or maybe she has tapped into some new sort of girl-angst-pop, but I am a pretty big fan, at least of the few singles.

As far as a whole album, it is sort of a drag. There is not really enough substance to make an entire album from, and some of the songs seem more like scratch tracks, or work-throughs, and not like finished, completed, whole songs.

All in all, it is a good start. I look forward to seeing the next steps in song-writing and production that will hopefully be in Kate Nash's future.

If you are into this, and want some similar stuff to also try, I would recommend Lily Allen, Feist, and maybe Amy Winehouse or the Pipettes.