Yet Another Nice Canadian Band

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Treasury Library Canada
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Woodpigeon's sophomore release sounds like a lot of things. It sounds like Canada's version of Sufjan Stevens. At times it sounds like an undiscovered demo from the late Elliot Smith that was remastered and completed by some other band. It sounds folky. It sounds moody. Some songs you can dance to (well not really dance to, more like sway) and some of them you can imagine yourself listening to it performed live, standing there with your arms folded across your chest (unless of course you've brought a date, and then you would have to hug or snuggle or some other pukey thing). ANY LOT, all of these items mashed together makes a nice little record.

In a time where every band is struggling to find their own sound, and every band is being compared to the next guy as sounding just like them, it's just what I would have expected. Bands are emerging now having such similar sounds that it seems like one label will sign their version of what's working.

I wouldn't say this record blew me out of the water, but it has grown on me the couple times I listened to it.

This album is available for a pay-what-you-want deal on their website (crazy canadians!). pages. click here to get it.

Maybe Woodpigeon will release an album themed after each providence. They'd get it done in half the time as ol'Sufjay! That'll show the bastard!