We are the Unicorns...

Album Title: 
Who Will Cut Out Hair When We're Gone?
Band Name: 
The Unicorns
Release Year: 

Um, could somebody tell me why I have not heard this Unicorns record (who will cut our hair...) before? It is awesome! The right amount of Lo-Fi combined with smart arranging and orchestration. A lot of great elements coming together, exuberance, up-tempo / down tempo change ups, electronic drum beats leading into real drums, crazy synths, crappy guitar parts, sloppy solos, the breathy, youthful vocals. I love it. Everyone should go out and buy this right now. I tried to check out their website, but apparently they are a band no more. Let their lyrics speak to the wonder and memory of the band, "...we are unicorns, we're more than horses..." Wow.