Volcano Choir

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Volcano Choir
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I remember when some friends of mine in college were trying to turn me onto Pele, and instrumental band they dug on PolyVinyl (oh, my friends were from Chicago, and we were in western Michigan, thus the Lake-Michigan-centric musical taste) … I never really got into them at the time however. Then, not too long ago, I got a hold of a Collections of Colonies of Bees album. It was great. I then went back and re-listened to my old Pele stuff—it was great too! So when I heard that some of these guys had yet a new project coming out, and this time with Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, I was ecstatic. The sound is what I would expect, a logical progression you can hear from the old Pele records through COCOB. The addition of Vernon's ethereal vocals lends a nice touch, a pleasant new layer to their sound.