Vanderslice me a piece of that

Album Title: 
Cellar Door
Band Name: 
John Vanderslice
Release Year: 

I first heard of John Vanderslice back in 2002 when I first became a nerd for Kid Dakota and Alva Star. Kid Dakota had drawn the interest of Vanderslice, and he had some of their songs posted on his studio's page: Tiny Telephone. I didn't really realize he was much more than a producer/engineer until I was out in San Francisco and while at a show, between bands, the sound guy was playing a Vanderslice record, Life and Death of an American Fourtracker I think it was, and it sounded good.

Vanderslice is good, and really interested in finding the right studio sounds for everything. All that he does is always just really nicely recorded. Cellar Door is not his most recent release, but is my favorite. His latest, Pixel Revolt, has a little too many electronic extras for me to really get into. Cellar Door captures my attention every time. There is a nice eclectic mix to the songs, arrangements do not get stale, and the lyrical content is smart and fresh. Up Above the Sea is my favorite off of it. In the song John sets out to snipe a bluebird that has been hanging out in his backyard... nice guy.

For those interested in well recorded, smart songs than Vanderslice is for you.