There Will Be Blood

Album Title: 
There Will Be Blood
Band Name: 
Jonny Greenwood
Release Year: 

Although this might be a soundtrack, it's quite nice as a stand alone album. Jonny Greenwood the guitarist for radiohead was sought out by P.T. Anderson to compose for his latest film, There Will Be Blood. This soundtrack is largely based on Greenwoods latest orchestral work, Popcorn Superhet Reciever. (A stream of it can be heard at

Although Popcorn Superhet Reciever is not included on the recordings, The album does work as a nice addition to the piece. Almost a variation on a theme. Greenwood creates a bleak music scape with a lot of textures and sounds working together, using tones that create a lot of tension between them, but fill out rather beautifully.

The music struck me as rather minimalist, yet had many definite layers to the piece. I guess I would compare it with a Color Field by Mark Rothko. Although it seems like it is a simple color study on the surface, when you approach it, the intricate levels are astounding.

The Film only helps to flush the music, and both are paired rather well, each one using the other to enhance itself. If you have a chance do the following:

1) Listen to the Popcorn Superhet Reciever
2) Go see There Will Be Blood
3) Go get the soundtrack

If you do, it will be a rather interesting day...