This Is Sound Machine Dream

Once upon a time a young gentleman listened to a lot of music. He and his friends gathered together to enjoy all that was indie-rock. College graduation came, the friends parted ways, and the ease of sharing musical likes and dislikes was greatly hampered. This site was created to battle this downward spiral.

The goal is first to provide my friends with an idea of what bands and albums I have been getting myself into, and hope that they then share the same, keeping the circle going. With an additional contributor now found in Drew Brockington (as of april 1st, 2008, we also have Karsten Lund as a new SMD writer) this should hopefully become easier.

This site not only contains creative and musical ramblings but also links to Minneapolis, New York, Chicago and Baltimore area bands, artists and (hopefully soon) wares promoting our site. Hosting has been generously provided by sundays energy, header images have been photographed by me or used from, the free stock image site, and I upkeep and edit the content, design and code (though aditional content is sometimes contributed by Drew and some others). Drupal provides the backbone for the site.

If you see something you like, or something you don't, or perhaps you would like to get an album of your own reviewed. Either leave a comment, send an email to soundmachinedream [at] mac [dot] com, or you can even send a packet to fourteen-twenty-two park ave apt number 2, baltimore maryland, two-one-two-one-seven [contact info]. Just label it as a Sound Machine Dream submission, and we will try to get to it as soon as we can.

Thanks for reading, thanks for checking back, thanks for the input, and remember, listen to something good!