Shout it all out

Album Title: 
Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
Band Name: 
The Shout Out Louds
Release Year: 

The Shout out louds are another beauty of a group hailing from sweden. I am in love with those nordics. kings of convenience, check, the concretes, check, the ravonettes, check... the list could go on. Checklists aside, the shout out louds write simple, compelling, indie pop tracks that hook you in. Most notably agreeable is the first track, The Comeback. The simple one verse, one chorus and repeat format makes for a neat little number that has a good beat and steady, even strum guitars. It is IKEA simplicity applied in 3 minutes to music. When initially released, this track was a staple of The Current's day to day track lists. Another fave of mine from the disc was track 4, A TRACK AND A TRAIN which bizarrely sounds just like a new VICIOUS VICIOUS song called Castaways. Unfortunately for the artwork this CD does brandish the FBI anti-piracy logo, but the designer did handle it the best of all the discs I have seen thus far.