In the Reins

Album Title: 
In the Reins
Band Name: 
Calexico / Iron & Wine
Release Year: 

Lays in Reins is my current favorite "new" album. 7 songs, not quite an ep, not quite a full length either, I often hear it referred to as a mini-album. Either way, Calexico brings a welcome addition to the songs and sounds of Iron & Wine. My favorites are the opener, He Lays In The Reins, and track 3, History of Lovers, which the first time I heard it on the current really blew me away. I mean it is just real simple, california-meets-country blues, but the words sort of sucked me in, and, well the music is just right for my taste. perfect. The final track is another one I've listened to a few extra times, Dead Man's Will is its title. Though sad, is just really beautiful, what this guy leaves his brother and father does not blow one away, but the song itself should.

Listen to this record. just do it.

On top of everything else, it has beautiful album artwork. I mean beautiful. They look like watercolors originally, and the vibrancy of the red horse I cannot get enough of. It reminds me of the paintings Kandinsky did while founding Der Blaue Reiter. Anyway, gorgeous.