Piping Hot!

Album Title: 
Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me
Band Name: 
The Pipettes
Release Year: 

This is not brand new stuff, but it is on the newer end of my current listening spectrum. The Pipettes are a fanciful girl group and are part of the current mo-town revival that has come into muscial vogue as of late. They do a really nice job of creating vintage inspired songs that still sound fresh and modern.

Your Kisses are Wasted on Me is a four song EP that totals only eight minutes and twenty one seconds. However, those minutes are well spent. Each song is a perfectly crafted, catchy pop song. There is a heavy dash of mo-town as I said before, but nothing about the music sounds dated. This is something that adults who remember the originals sounds this album draws inspiration from will like, and a younger audience will enjoy the simplicity and poppiness of it as well.

The group also dresses up in matching outfits which have a nice balance of cheekiness and modernity.

All four numbers are keepers, and make for a pleasurable ten minutes listening. I have yet to hear the full length that also came out last year, but if it carries on where this left off I am sure that it is a hit as well. If you liked the direction that Amy Winehouse took her music from some similar influences, you will probably enjoy The Pipettes also.