A Night Out

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A NIght At The Ritz
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Having listened to the original OFFICE self produced indie-folk/pop album from Scott Masson, some six years ago, to listening to this gigantically produced indie-pop album by the band OFFICE just released in the end of September, the first thing that comes to mind is the sound. The sound has stayed true to his original demos. Sure they have gotten more elaborate, now working with a 5 piece multi-faceted band, but they have not gotten boring. Combing countless sounds, harmonies, and instruments, OFFICE has created a debut album that sounds simple when you listen to it, but is anything but. Part of the fun of listen to A Night At The Ritz is the fact that you will always be able to discover something new within the songs. I like it a lot when bands are able to pull this feat off. It creates a timeless feeling to the music, because as a listener, it never gets old.

The music blends with Masson’s lyrics, which paints portraits of the white collar, middle class world that we 25-40 something’s live in. There’s a lot that I’ve read in my wanderings that says OFFICE is playing music design to take away the mindless boredom of life in the cubicle, But far from it. OFFICE is only concerned about the end product, and making sure you can enjoy it. And if anybody links this band to Jim or Pam or anything else on NBC, then that’s just dumb.