Mika: The Live Show Spectacle Event

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At first, when I showed up at the Mika concert, I was not impressed. The little british pop star, whose voice was a shout back to the outrageous vocal stylings of Freddy Mercury, has built his music and his style on simply being over the top. His videos are nuts, his songs are overtly happy, and I had expected that his concert would resemble something of the ELMO LIVE ON STAGE show. The concert hall was bare, the stage was bare, and only the opening band's equipment was placed. But as the opening band droned on, the energy of the room grew. This was partly due to the fact that a majority of the crowd consisted of girls ages 10-16 with their parents.

And soon, before i knew it, the stage was bathed in color and bright flowers, and a gigantic egg was on the stage, which cracked open to reveal a winged angel (who also sang back up), and the skinny little british pop star. The energy level of the room was insane, and it was matched with the performance that occurred on stage.

Highlights of the show were:
A giant Balloon of a "Big Girl" with several big girl dancers
A scat off between Mika and the crowd
A drum off on garbage cans between Mika and his drummer
A Giant Skeleton puppet that Mika hugged
A brass band
A string quartet
and his half naked body (all those 13 year olds loved it!)

The show concluded with shadow puppet show about bad bunnies that like to get it on in public and end up getting shot by a wolf (no joke!) AND THEN the room was filled with giant 3 foot balloons, Confetti, and on the last down beat, Streamers shot into the air! The inside of the place looked like a times square new years festival.

A great show that was a lot of fun to watch. When it was over, I had lost my voice from having to shout over all those pre-teens