Let's Get Out of this Country

Album Title: 
Lets Get Out of this Country
Band Name: 
Camera Obscura
Release Year: 

Camera Obscura are fans of Mo-Town music. This may not be a for sure fact, but it is what i take away from listening to their music. Particularly on “Let's Get Out of This Country,” they sound as if they have channeled Phil Spector and his vintage reverb into their recording. The drum beats are there too, the few standard mo-town beats fill a songs like “Lloyd, I’m ready to be Heartbroken,” “Come Back Margaret,” and “Let’s get out of this Country.”

They have the feel of a more nostalgic to Belle and Sebastian, nicely orchestrated with female vocals that sit firmly on top of the music. They fall into the sonic realm that i really enjoy to just listen to over and over again. At first the music is enjoyable enough on its own to read or eat or cook or design websites too, but as you continue to listen you start to hear the nuances in the lyrics, and pick up on the extra sounds and harmonies floating amongst the rest of the mix. Another album that might not blow you away like Funeral or Oh! inverted World, but that will be enjoyable for many listens to come