Lazarus Beach

Album Title: 
Lazarus Beach
Band Name: 
Through The Sparks
Release Year: 

This album is great. period.

I have not been so excited to have heard a debut in some time. Through the Sparks have created an eclectic inde-pop master piece. Pleasant, cheery melodies, wonderful orchestration, clever lyrics, not a lot more to be desired. The music is challenging enough to keep you interested for several listens, but poppy enough to get you hooked after just the first.

Lazarus Beach nicely combines many different styles (pop, alt-country, singer/songwriter) and influences (David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Belle and Sebastian, Wilco), some darker lyrical directions, and upbeat, poppy orchestration into a coherent album. The album contains lyrics like "let's see how space-age these polymers can be"—excuse me? can you say awesome?

The songs blend melancholic lyrics with poppier melodies and interesting orchestration. This will be where I eventually decide something informative about the songs, but at this time I just like everything too much...

My biggest problem writing this review is that I like this album so much. It makes it hard to actually be rational and helpful in my review. Basically, Through The Sparks have created a really pleasing record. They manage to keep the songs interesting, change up the arrangement and writing style, and yet still make an "album." This is a 2007 favorite of mine, definitely. Make sure that your summer involves listening to Lazarus Beach while at the beach.