Just Plain Good!

Album Title: 
We'll Never Turn Back
Band Name: 
Mavis Staples
Release Year: 

I am not familiar with Mavis Staple's back catalog of work. However, if it is anything close to as soulful and moving as this album I will try to be. Words do not begin to describe the total experience of this record. Well produced, check. Well written, check. Soulful ryhtms, beautiful melodies, great musicianship, check check check. I have no complaints whatsoever about this. Perhaps this just sounds like gushing, or unworthy praise - it is not. it is solid fact that this is a great piece of music that will live on far past 2007. I would expect to see this on a lot of "best ofs" come december, and would also expect to hear this record out and about, or at least listen to it myself, for years to come.

My favorite tracks are Down In Mississippi and 99 and 1/2. They embody most to me the groove and soul the record carries throughout. The other ten tracks are nearly as fulfilling, and I would say there are no sleepers to be found.

It must be said that Ry Cooder produced the album, and he did a beautiful job. I do not necessarily find any of his signature sounds to be present (which might be a good thing?), but his taste for quality and excellence abounds.

If you have any sort of respect for blues and soul go buy this album now. I have even included an amazon link (We'll Never Turn Back) to make it easy for you. Give them your money, they deserve it, and your ears, mind and heart will thank you for it.