It's All Crystal Clear

Album Title: 
Blocked Numbers
Band Name: 
The Crystal Skulls
Release Year: 

Next on the the list, CRYSTAL SKULLS. Last time I told you all to go and check out their record, and so I took the advice myself and started listening to them again. I really got hooked back in and I am really excited to hear their new record which should be released farely soon I should guess. They have a good style that I have not really heard repeated by any other groups. I saw them on tour with Suicide Squeeze labelmates HEADPHONES. I really went to see my pals DUPLOMACY open up, but it was worth my while to stay for the rest. Headphones I had already heard at the time, but the Crystal Skulls sort of blew me away. I was unprepared for what came off the stage-given the sort of droopy appearance of most of the band. There's is a good combination of smart lyrics, good arrangements, interesting song structures. In short, a winning combination that I give an enthusiastic thumbs up.