It Will

Album Title: 
Our Ill Wills
Band Name: 
Shout Out Louds
Release Year: 

As soon as the wall of acoustic guitars smack you across the face in the first five seconds, you know it’s going to be good. By the time the strings, and the vocals fall in 3 seconds later, you know it’s going to be great! The Shout Out Louds sophomore album, Our Ill Wills, exceeds all expectations. Having tracked this album from its European release last April, downloaded what tracks I could on the nets, and seeing them in july in a small little Brooklyn venue, I was worried that the album would have seemed old by the time I finally got my hands on the US release. (I contemplated for a bit spending the 30 bucks on getting the import, but then I went broke.) Fortunately, it was far from it.

This album contains thirteen tracks of up-beat, fun, poppy, rock music. The simple chords allow the bouncy rhythms of each tune to be showcased, making this one of the few very danceable albums. No wonder why there are already a swarm of remixes available on the EP.

Sticking to the familiar pop music subject matter of Love, Where did you go? Yeah Baby, Come back. The Shout Out Louds have crafted a great album. This album will always have a spot reserved in my five disc carousel. That is, for now…….