I'm Back!

I was on a design trip to Europe for a few weeks after finishing my spring term, so I let the site slip into disrepair a little. I am now back and ready for action however, and we will get the reviews flowing, and get Karsten set up with his new MP3 column, where he talks about a favorite song, and we offer it up for limited-download. Hurray.

Also, I worked on a Zine with my fellow MFA's, it is fresh off the press, and we will be offering it up for sale/give-away shortly, so look forward to that as well! And if you are in the baltimore area, we should hopefully be having a release party at some neighborhood bar where you can drink and read at the same time! Thanks to Mike Perry for helping us create the thing.

So, keep checking back, I listened to a lot of new and old stuff while away, so I should be shortly inundating the site with reviews. Listen to something good.