Good Luck Texas

Album Title: 
The Frequency EP
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Somewhere in texas a 17 year old produced a little 5 song EP that makes a good listen. PLAYRADIOPLAY! is Daniel Hunter, who composes powerpop electronic songs mixed with live guitars, drums, synths, and a mess of other gizmos. His result consists of catchy little beats (the all triplet melody seems to be his favourite) mixed with some late teenage-themed lyrics. "In four months you'll be in college far away/and that's all I have to say" he sings in a semi-nasal emo voice.

The Frequency is the simple yet addictive first attempt from a young musician. It's getting a fairly large distrubution (I've seen the EP in BestBuy and Barnes and Noble) and a fairly decent tour to back it. You can tell that the songs are young though. There isn't that much difference in the tracks melodies, all of them play out at the same tempo, and pretty much follow the same formula as all the other electro-power pop groups. But it does show promise. Those tracks are fun to listen to, I usually have them on at the office, and he does a fairly good cover of Mr. Brightside as the final track. It will be interesting to see what happens to him and see if he can pull of an LP that's not just another young emo kid with a record contract.

Good luck Daniel, and Good luck Texas.