Friend of a Friend

Album Title: 
Friend of a Friend
Band Name: 
Chris Koza
Release Year: 

Another 2006 release from twin citizen Chris Koza, this one a simple EP, of which each was hand stencilled by Chris himself! Though Patterns was released only a few months earlier at the beginning of 2006, it appears that the twin cities music scene could not wait to hear even more from Chris and his band.

The six tracks that make up the EP are songs that Chris and his band (mostly consisting of second guitar player Pete Sieve on tours and such) had been playing at their live shows for most of the year. The recordings were sporadically recorded in the twin cities, down in Cannon Falls and Northfield, and on the road. Despite the different locations and different engineers, the songs all end up sounding unified and cohesive. Perhaps it is the uniform song-writing that Chris brings to all of these songs, perhaps its the flow that seems to progress through the six songs, could it be just really great musicianship and consistency??? how about all of the above.

There is a sensitivity apparent here more than on anything else I have heard of Chris's thus far. Earnest feelings are shared, you are met with a melancholy blow from After Work (in early october), and then true happiness seems to exuberantly flow on songs like Morning Moon (which at least sounds happy) and Redwood Skyline (which I think really is happy). There are a lot of feelings in a short six songs.

It all works for me here, I like to listen, and I think this is a nice piece to keep people satisfied while Chris is on the road for a while, hopefully writing another albums worth of material. Keep an eye out for him to be visiting a city near you.