Fewer Moving Pieces

Album Title: 
Fewer Moving Pieces
Band Name: 
David Bazaan
Release Year: 

David Bazan's new EP carries on the sounds from his last Pedro the Lion work, and has some of the electronic sounds from his Headphones recording. Included on the 5-song EP are some of the acoustic tracks that were presumably demo or scratch recordings from the beginning of the sessions. My original preference was for the acoustic tracks, but after subsequent listenings (and hearing the demo tracks and final tracks side by side), my preference is changing. One gets a nice sense of the songs beginnings from the acoustic tracks, and by following them up with the final recordings, you get the vision the demos inspired. Bazan has ditched the Pedro the lion title, and will now be recording / performing under his own name. Also, the new album has some really nice artwork by Zak Sally, former bassist of Low.