Everything All The Time

Album Title: 
Everything All The Time
Band Name: 
Band of Horses
Release Year: 

The next album I have to gush over is Everything all the Time. If you have yet to listen to Band of Horses, do yourself a favor and do it. I was told on numerous occasions to give this a listen - not wanting to believe that it would actually be good, did not - until now! The wall I had built to keep out the sounds of Band of Horses was finally broken after visiting their very nice website and downloading their mp3's. I then bought the album. Picture Oh! Inverted World era Shins, a healthy dose of the Arcade Fire, the vocals from a My Morning Jacket song, and voila! you get a decent idea of what this record sounds like. They kick the record off with a song aptly titled The First Song after which they take it up a notch with Wicked Gil. The Funeral, track 4, is probably their most played "single." The Great Salt Lake is an epic start to the second half of the record, followed by the most playful and good-times-indie-rocking-and-rolling song off the record, Weed Party. The last few tracks wind down to a sleeper of an ending in St. Augustine, which though a lovely song, does not in do the right sort of justice to the rest of the tracks. All-in-all a very nice full-length from Band of Horses, and it keeps the interest up as to what they might do next.