Even Better than playing with Duplo

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All These Long Drives
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I have had the pleasure to know this band for some time now. While at my lowly 2024 records intern position these guys were signed to the label. I have probably seen them play live about fifty times now, and each time they are just as grateful that everyone has come out to see them. I do not think the realization that the twin cities really enjoys them has sunk in yet.

This is their first proper full-length as a band. The original album that got them all their hype and shows was simply an EP that band leader Andy Flynn recorded with T.W.Walsh (of Pedro the lion album production fame). It was simple and slow and beautiful. The full band effort reinvisions some of the EP's songs with the “full band feel.” The guitar parts lazily mingle with one another, the drums trudge evenly along, and the vocals float beautifully above it all. There is no rushed feeling to any of the numbers, they all keep an even pace, moving from one song to the next, marching steadily from beginning to end.

My favorite duplomacy song is still Coppertone, which has been given new life since the EP. I just love the lyric “Maybe we should call it off, leave what's bad enough alone / such a sunny attitude, without a drop of coppertone.” Another aspect of Dupe's songs that always catches me are the internal song transitions. There is a big build up in some of the numbers that always takes you by surprise. Suddenly a wall of distortion blows into the mix, or the tempo suddenly changes, or perhaps the song takes a complete twist.

That is the beauty of the album, the song structures may be simple, but Duplomacy is not afraid to change it up unexpectedly to give you something new and original from some well-trodden territory.