Don't Call it a Comeback

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Here I am, in month number four of "waiting for my turntable to arrive." Back in september I moved into a larger home, and went back to michigan to collect a few items, the most prized of them was my turntable. My mother, who had promised to ship it soon, has yet to full fill that promise, and I wait here in New York, the mecca of record shops, making a very long list of records to purchase. When I was a kid, I was jealous of other families record collections. My own parent's collection consisted of mostly classical compositions, but also had some great janis joplin, grand funk, and cold blood albums, but it was still tiny in comparison to my friends... Recently the need for vinyl has comeback into my life. It started with the release of the latest Radiohead production (with the double record set), and now has me listening eagerly to my buddies stories of great record finds. Recently I have read an article from talking about how vinyl is making a slight return. The previous years vinyl sales is close to a billion. and though this is small in comparison to the amount of CD's sold, it still made aware some big things. CD's are becoming just another means for distributing information. Remember that period before you could easily burn CD's at home, and you made mix tapes all the time... That's where CD's are heading. Now when I buy an album, I listen to it once on the ol' CD player, rip it to Itunes, and then always just plug in the IPOD wherever I need to. And there's stacks of CD's sitting in my broken fireplace. Let's face it, TURNTABLE just sounds cooler than CD player. And I hope that soon I will be able to use one in my own home. give a read to that article here