Different Days

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Different Days
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DIFFERENT DAYS by L'ALTRA was a recent purchase. The disc was released in early 2005 and I heard two or three songs off the album on the current before i decided to go out and buy it. The band is made up a former husband and wife duo, whose apparently messy divorce did not stop them from being able to work in the studio together. According to my sources they said to each other that the band was their job and they could work together to still make music. Pretty cool. The record definitely carries a somber, depressed feel to it, perhaps a relic of the divorce, perhaps just their style. I do not know, but I did like the record. I have been told that I like to listen to depressing music, and so that may be a reason that I've been enjoying this. The somberness level is up their with the likes of ARAB STRAP, LOW, or maybe RED HOUSE PAINTERS less rocking moments. The disc is slow in tempo, and even in its mood, occasional electric drums punching through slowly strummed guitars, soft strings and carefully tapped piano key. Lovely, Somber, Perfect.