Consistency is Key?

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Mobius Band
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I had high hopes for Mobius Band when I heard a sample off of this album on itunes. The next time I was in the record shop, I looked it up and the album was only 10 bucks. So after a few listens I came to this conclusion, Heaven is an alright album.

I had read that they're coming to New York in May, and I started thinking if this would be a good show to go to. But frankly, none of the songs really caught me as amazing. Each track is consistent and well produced, and the music is that feel good kind of indie pop that is ever so popular now, yet there was no emotional peak. The song I listen the most is Haillie, and it's also the first track on the album.

Heaven is a good album to give as a gift to someone that you haven't seen in three years, but still need to give a gift to. OR if you are the recipient of this gift, you can put it on at work, when you don't know what to listen to, and it will be fine.