The Concretes

Album Title: 
Self Titled
Band Name: 
The Concretes
Release Year: 

I have been enjoying some fine albums. THE CONCRETES, hailing from Sweden with names like Eriksson, Nyström and Ulrik, craft a simple indie-pop record that, though lacking in some of the production levels I value, does not disappoint. The first song, Say Something New, you may have heard in a target commercial. The rest of the album shares the catchy simplicity of track one, the softly distorted, bright guitars, with the addition of a hint of Motown, vaguely similar to THE RAVEONOTTES. Though not so apparent on the recording, THE CONCRETES are made up of six or seven people with about ten additional guests on the record. Where the sounds all these people made lie in the recording I have yet to determine.