Clear Skies

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Sky Blue Sky
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Wilco's three year hiatus from the studio seems to have produced a somewhat older sounds for the group. The songs seem tighter, with each of the tunes not spilling over 6 minute mark, as well as taking on a more "bare-bones" sound. Areas on the two pervious albums(Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Ghost Is Born) that were filled with guitar distortion and loops, have given way to delectable solos and surprising clean licks.

From start to finish “Sky Blue Sky” provides a mellow groove that’s good for a summer road trip, or baking muffins on a Saturday Morning. My favourite track “Hate it Here” provides a great blues-scape for Tweedy’s always about to crack voice, where as the Title track "Sky-Blue Sky" elludes to the bands former roots in country music. All in all, album glides along with a nice carefree attitude.