Achilles Heel

Album Title: 
Achilles Heel
Band Name: 
Pedro the Lion
Release Year: 

I find the song writing of David Bazaan to be more engaging and enjoyable in my everyday life than most. I like his straight forward, very honest style. Perhaps it is that he writes mostly about everyday sorts of things, being married, believing in his friends, how suddenly after a terrorist attack a nation believes in god, that sort of thing. Achilles Heel is his latest Pedro the Lion record (the headphones record is newer, and basically the same song writing, its just done with keyboards and synths instead of guitars, infact T.W.Walsh even was his collaborator on it, just like the PTL records).

Achilles Heel to me is the best technical record that Bazaan has yet to release. It just sounds great. The guitars are crunchy but clear, drums sit nicely in the mix, Vocals are spot on and ride effortlessly along with the tunes. The content is nothing new or ground breaking, but is basically what I have come to expect from the man. Highlights from the album for me were Foregone Conclusions, Arizona - a little love triste betweenstates... Transcontinental, and A Simple Plan.

For those looking for more Pedro the Lion to listen to, I highly recommend The Only Reason I Feel Secure, an older release—actually available now as a re-release—that first got me hooked on Bazaan's song writing. I don't love everything that he does, but what i do like i just cannot get enough of, and that is what makes him such a great songwriter to me.